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What is a HACKATHON?

The term is a portmanteau formed out of the words hack and marathon.

  • Hack: refers to a quick-fix solution to a problem
  • Marathon: refers to the participants’ uninterrupted work over several days.

Hackathons are timed competitions, where teams of participants test an idea and produce the prototype of an app within a few hours (Rapid Prototyping principle).

Teams compete to provide the most innovative and relevant response to a problem, and the winning team is usually declared by a panel at the end of the allotted time.



The project

The competition is divided in two stages, for students and start-ups, and the participants are challenged to imagine new solutions and prototypes on the theme of the Industry of the Future / Industry 4.0.

The competition will be launched on www.agorize.com, the first online portal for open innovation challenges. The ideation and details of the project will be available online. The GLOBAL INDUSTRIe exhibition will host the prototyping, project presentations, and award ceremony.

During the non-stop 48 hours of the on-site Hackathon, all the exhibition’s equipment, machines, and consumables will be at the disposal of the competitors. In addition, expert engineers from the Arts et Métiers network will be present to provide guidance and support throughout the creative process (www.am-acceleration.fr).


The project’s schedule:

Retrospective 2018 :


The project stakeholders 


Agorize: Portal for open innovation challenges that bring together developers, start-ups, students, and major brands.

Arts & Métiers Acceleration: accelerator of innovative manufacturing projects, creator of a support program to bring out the next hardware unicorns in the manufacturing sector, installed at STATION F.




Do you want to participate in or sponsor the project?



Arts & Métiers Acceleration :

Ingrid Godefroy, Managing Director - Startups & Innovation

+33 (0)6 12 84 66 99 | ingrid.godefroy@am-acceleration.fr

Gaël Buvat, Community and Office manager

+33 (0)6 58 43 78 88 | gael.buvat@am-acceleration.fr