MIDEST Exhibition

The world’s largest industrial subcontracting network


MIDEST is the sole international show to specialize in industrial subcontracting.

Conceived both as a network and a catalyst for industry, it makes it possible to initiate, consolidate and develop opportunities of all kinds for collaboration between those involved in the design and production of made-to-measure parts or sub-assemblies.

The show plays a decisive role in establishing relationships between customers and subcontractors, offering them an event that is both human in scale and friendly in atmosphere where they can  :

  • evaluate and refine their panel of subcontractors,
  • identify the right partners,
  • forge the contacts that will be crucial to the success of their projects,
  • gather information and discuss key industry topics
  • discover and gain an understanding of trends in technology and innovations. 

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The animation :

  • The know-how square

The know-how squares are a new feature of MIDEST that use demonstrations of spectacular parts, live presentations and discussion points to reflect the trade know-how on show at MIDEST.

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