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Becoming a partner

Becoming a partner

A unifying event:
  • 9 sectors for manufacturing equipment and 1 sector for know-how (subcontracting)
  • 850 exhibitors
  • 50 user sectors,
  • 22,000 professionals.
An exhibition supported by a comprehensive advertising plan:
  • 1 qualified database enriched daily,
  • 270,000 targeted contacts at the heart of factories,
  • 1 campaign of over 100 newsletters,
  • 1 user-friendly website drawing over 205,000 users per year,
  • 3 issues and 35,000 copies of INDUSTRIE Infos per year,
  • 600,000 invitations sent to purchasers and users or inserted in partner magazines.
  • 18,000 e-invitations forwarded by exhibitors,
  • 50 professional print and online partners...
By partnering with INDUSTRIE, you can:
  • Develop your reputation,
  • Benefit from press coverage of the event,
  • Advertise your brand to visitors,
  • Associate your image with the values ??of the INDUSTRIE exhibition,
  • Enjoy personalized advertising offers.

Are you looking to partner with the exhibition ?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information; we will be happy to explore the possibilities for a win-win partnership with you.

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