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The largest manufacturing event in France

By combining with MIDEST, Tolexpo, and Smart Industries, INDUSTRIE Paris 2018 will be the largest event ever dedicated to the sector in France! This will be a new and unique experience!

Exhibiting at INDUSTRIE Paris 2018 shows a commitment to growing your business through meeting key decision-makers (managers, department heads, CEOs, managers, project managers ...) of SMEs, VSEs, startups, and large manufacturers.

81% were purchasers in 2017

2% Consultant

5% Projet manager

6% Others

7% Salesman

11% Technician / Driver / Operator

14% Engineer / Executive

22% Responsable chef de service Leader

17% Director

16% PDG / DG / Gérant

INDUSTRIE Paris is a unique event in its scope and reach. It is expected to attract 22,000 visitors from over 50 manufacturing user channels.

top 20 sectors

Mechanical / Metal Processing

Metallurgy / Iron and Steel / Foundry

Machine tools

Automotive: OEMs

Tools / Machines-Tools

Aeronautics / Aerospace

Plastic / Rubber / Composite

Robotics / Cobotics / Industrial computing

Agricultural / Machinery / Equipment

Component Electronics / Computers


Electrical / Electronics / Household appliances / Fiber / Telecom


Medical / Prosthetist

Technical Center / Research / Laboratory

Automotive: Manufacturers

Surface treatment

Consumer goods

Logistics / Handling / Storage

Administration / Interprofession / Union

22,000 visitors means that many opportunities to:
  1. - Grow  your client base, initiate new professional contacts, and expand your network,
  2. - Explore  new markets / customer sectors,
  3. - Increase  your commercial and technical knowledge.

INDUSTRIE’s, trademark warm atmosphere is conducive to relaxed but constructive networking. Take advantage of these rare moments of conviviality to strengthen your ties with your customers. And take this opportunity to reinforce the cohesion of your teams at the exhibition.

3 good reasons not to miss INDUSTRIE Paris 2018

- 22,000 visitors expected from over 50 user channels

- Grow s your client base

- Increase your commercial and technical knowledge

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