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Everything you need to know about the manufacturing sector

Personalized copies of INDUSTRIE Infos are delivered free-of-charge to 35,000 contacts at the heart of companies, offering a preview of exhibition news, interviews, factory visits, and fact sheets on important issues.

INDUSTRIE Infos is available on two media:

  • A paper run of 3 editions per year, distributed to all stakeholders: 20,000 copies in November, 35,000 copies in March, and 1 digital issue in June sent to all 270,000 contacts
  • An interactive online version sent to 270,000 readers across France and the Francophone countries

Discover the manufacturing world of today and everything it entails with INDUSTRIE Infos

  • Factory visits,
  • Fact sheets,
  • The latest innovations,
  • General developments in the sector...

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