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  • Created in April 2016, AddUp is a joint venture of two major players in the industrial sector, the Fives and Michelin groups. Thanks to the combination of their know-how, skills and experience, AddUp offers reliable industrial solutions in the field of additive metal fabrication.   The global offer of AddUp is intended for the aeronautics, automotive and medical industries, but also for other industrial sectors, for which metallic additive manufacturing can represent many assets in terms of productivity, quality of Parts, production flexibility and lead-time.   From the manufacturing of machines to the production of parts, and providing each company with support in the search for the best technological and financial solution, AddUp presents a global offer, scalable and adapted to the needs of each industrialist.
  • Link add : http://www.addupsolutions.com/
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Products / Services
  • FormUp 350™


    The FormUp 350™, which uses direct metal multi-laser melting technology, is an industrial additive manufacturing machine for producing individual parts, whether for regular production or as prototypes.


    - Reliable and robust

    - Precision and quality of the parts produced

    - Optimized production conditions

    - Open machine, software and numerical command

    - Production traceability

    - Modular and scalable

    Download the FormUp 350 leaflet

  • AddUp FlexCare System™


    AddUp FlexCare System™ is a flexible and easily-transportable controlled atmosphere solution to protect your operators and buildings from risks involved in the industrial use of metal additive manufacturing machines. AddUp FlexCare System™ is a patented solution by AddUp.


    - Transition to the industrial phase while meeting the HSE requirements and standards

    - Transportable container so you can produce where your needs are

    - Flexible solution that can be adjusted according to the number of machines

    - Optimized compact protection

    Download the AddUp FlexCare System leaflet

  • AddUp Manager ™   AddUp Manager ™ is the software solution that AddUp has developed for additive manufacturing of metal parts. It can be used to import 3D files and provides a connection with the print driver on each machine.   - User-friendly interface designed for job preparation by operators, methods technicians and process specialists - Production strategies definition - Part positioning on the manufacturing platform - Machine manufacturing file generation Download the AddUp Manager 2017 leaflet

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