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  • Absolent AB is a Swedish company consisting of innovative people, enthusiastic about bringing clean air to industries around the world. technology pioneer. We brought new ideas on how to solve air quality issues in industrial environments and managed to change the customer’s perception of what is possible. Today, Absolent is a world-leading global corporation with top of that we work with more than forty skilled distributors around the world. Together, we successfully manage to eliminate oil mist, oil smoke and dust from various industrial applications. With over twenty years of experience within this business our organization is characterized by a genuine know-how;
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  • Machine accessories and equipment, safety, workshop equipment >> Auxiliary equipment for machine tools >> Coolant Management Systems
  • Machine accessories and equipment, safety, workshop equipment >> Auxiliary equipment for machine tools >> Air Filtration Systems
  • A.mist : for Moderate Oil Mist A.smoke : for Smokey Industries A.line : Versatile Filter Units A.dust : for Dry Dust Filtration
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  • A.mist : Filters for Moderate Oil Mist If you have CNC machines, running at a moderate speed and with a moderate coolant pressure, your machines will start to leak oil mist into the factory. The oil mist consists of particles of moderate size and the fog is moderately thick. It irritates your lungs, but also your wallet. Invest in an A•mist filter and the problems disappear at a low cost! http://absolent.fr/product-group/a-mist-oil-mist-filter/

  • A.smoke : Filters for Smokey Industries If you run your CNC machines at high speed and with a high coolant pressure, or if you’re working with die casting or hardening, the machines will start to “smoke”. This oil smoke consists of tiny particles and the smoke is thick. The particles penetrate everything and can even reach your bloodstream! The same problem often arises during minimal quantity lubrication (MQL). To get rid of this type of pollution, you must install a tough filter – A•smoke! Your work environment and your finances will thank you! http://absolent.fr/product-group/a-smoke-oil-smoke-filter/

  • A.line : With A•line, you get a versatile filter that is adaptable to your needs. A unique filter which is equally suitable for small tough machines, as it is for machines that generate a moderate amount of oil mist into the factory. With A•line, you’re equipped for the future. Even if you change the coolant, cutting speed or coolant pressure in the machine, A•line handles the task anyway. It also has a very smart monitoring equipment attached to it that allows you get the right amount of air precisely where and when you need it. Our smartest filters yet. http://absolent.fr/product-group/a-line-oil-smoke-filter/

  • A.dust : Filters for Dry Dust If you run your CNC machines without coolant or if you have processes like dry welding, plasma cutting or even blasting, the smoke becomes dry. The particles can be small or large, and the smoke can be thick or maybe just thin. Either way, the A•dust is the best filter for you! A tough filter, that always delivers – with long maintenance intervals! http://absolent.fr/product-group/a-dust-dust-filter/

  • Unité de filtration de brouillard et fumée d'huile
    Type : A.line 5
    Fréquence : Toutes les 0 heure(s) et 0 minutes(s)
    Durée : 15 mn
    Simulation / Démo en continu

    Système de filtration A.line 5 en fonctionnement pour brouillard et fumée d'huile.

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  • Olivier JACQUES
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  • Premium Process Air Filtration

    Clean the air by providing our customers with a solution to effectively, technically, qualitatively and economically treat the problems they encounter in their industrial processes with oil smoke, oil fumes, dust and other contaminants. The Absolent filter unit always ends with a H13 class HEPA filter, which ensures that the air is purified to 99.97% of hazardous particles of 0.3 micron and above. The filter is designed to operate 7/7 and 24/24, so there is no need to shut it down to drain or clean the cassettes, allowing you to fully focus on your production.

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